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Name Description
fastify-accepts to have accepts in your request object.
fastify-accepts-serializer to serialize to output according to Accept header.
fastify-auth Run multiple auth functions in Fastify.
fastify-bankai Bankai assets compiler for Fastify.
fastify-bearer-auth Bearer auth plugin for Fastify.
fastify-caching General server-side cache and etag support.
fastify-circuit-breaker A low overhead circuit breaker for your routes.
fastify-compress Fastify compression utils.
fastify-cookie Parse and set cookie headers.
fastify-env Load and check configuration.
fastify-elasticsearch Plugin to share the same ES client.
fastify-formbody Plugin to parse x-www-form-urlencoded bodies.
fastify-helmet Important security headers for Fastify.
fastify-jwt JWT utils for Fastify, internally uses jsonwebtoken.
fastify-leveldb Plugin to share a common LevelDB connection across Fastify.
fastify-mongodb Fastify MongoDB connection plugin, with which you can share the same MongoDB connection pool across every part of your server.
fastify-multipart Multipart support for Fastify.
fastify-postgres Fastify PostgreSQL connection plugin, with this you can share the same PostgreSQL connection pool in every part of your server.
fastify-rate-limit A low overhead rate limiter for your routes.
fastify-react React server side rendering support for Fastify with Next.
fastify-redis Fastify Redis connection plugin, with which you can share the same Redis connection across every part of your server.
fastify-reply-from Plugin to forward the current http request to another server.
fastify-sensible Defaults for Fastify that everyone can agree on. It adds some useful decorators such as http errors and assertions, but also more request and reply methods.
fastify-static Plugin for serving static files as fast as possible.
fastify-swagger Swagger documentation generator for Fastify.
fastify-websocket WebSocket support for Fastify. Built upon websocket-stream.
fastify-url-data Decorate the Request object with a method to access raw URL components.
point-of-view Templates rendering (ejs, pug, handlebars, marko) plugin support for Fastify.
under-pressure Measure process load with automatic handling of "Service Unavailable" plugin for Fastify.
fastify-angular-universal Angular server-side rendering support using @angular/platform-server for Fastify
fastify-apollo Run an Apollo Server to serve GraphQL with Fastify.
fastify-blipp Prints your routes to the console, so you definitely know which endpoints are available.
fastify-bookshelf Fastify plugin to add bookshelf.js orm support.
fastify-boom Fastify plugin to add boom support.
fastify-dynamodb AWS DynamoDB plugin for Fastify. It exposes AWS.DynamoDB.DocumentClient() object.
fastify-error-page Fastify plugin to print errors in structured HTML to the browser.
fastify-favicon Fastify plugin to serve default favicon.
fastify-firebase-auth Firebase Authentication for Fastify supporting all of the methods relating to the authentication API.
fastify-graceful-shutdown Shutdown Fastify gracefully and asynchronously.
fastify-hemera Fastify Hemera plugin, for writing reliable & fault-tolerant microservices with
fastify-jwt-authz JWT user scope verifier.
fastify-knexjs Fastify plugin for support KnexJS Query Builder.
fastify-knexjs-mock Fastify Mock KnexJS for testing support.
fastify-lured Plugin to load lua scripts with fastify-redis and lured.
fastify-mongo-memory Fastify MongoDB in Memory Plugin for testing support.
fastify-nats Plugin to share NATS client across Fastify.
fastify-no-icon Plugin to eliminate thrown errors for /favicon.ico requests.
fastify-nodemailer Plugin to share nodemailer transporter across Fastify.
fastify-nuxt VueJS server side rendering support for Fastify with NuxtJS
fastify-oracle Attaches an oracledb connection pool to a Fastify server instance.
fastify-orientdb Fastify OrientDB connection plugin, with which you can share the OrientDB connection across every part of your server.
fastify-response-time Add X-Response-Time header at each request for Fastify, in milliseconds.
fastify-rob-config Fastify Rob-Config integration.
fastify-sequelize Fastify plugin work with Sequelize (adapter for NodeJS -> Sqlite, Mysql, Mssql, Postgres).
fastify-server-session A session plugin with support for arbitrary backing caches via fastify-caching.
fastify-session a session plugin for Fastify.
fastify-sse to provide Server-Sent Events with reply.sse( … ) to Fastify.
fastify-tls-keygen Automatically generate a browser-compatible, trusted, self-signed, localhost-only, TLS certificate.
fastify-ws WebSocket integration for Fastify — with support for WebSocket lifecycle hooks instead of a single handler function. Built upon ws and uws.

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