Core Plugins

fastify-acceptsto have accepts in your request object.
fastify-accepts-serializerto serialize to output according to Accept header.
fastify-authRun multiple auth functions in Fastify.
fastify-bankaiBankai assets compiler for Fastify.
fastify-basic-authBasic auth plugin for Fastify.
fastify-bearer-authBearer auth plugin for Fastify.
fastify-cachingGeneral server-side cache and etag support.
fastify-circuit-breakerA low overhead circuit breaker for your routes.
fastify-compressFastify compression utils.
fastify-cookieParse and set cookie headers.
fastify-corsEnables the use of CORS in a Fastify application.
fastify-elasticsearchPlugin to share the same ES client.
fastify-envLoad and check configuration.
fastify-etagAutomatically generate etags for HTTP responses.
fastify-flashSet and get flash messages using the session.
fastify-formbodyPlugin to parse x-www-form-urlencoded bodies.
fastify-helmetImportant security headers for Fastify.
fastify-http-proxyProxy your http requests to another server, with hooks.
fastify-jwtJWT utils for Fastify, internally uses jsonwebtoken.
fastify-leveldbPlugin to share a common LevelDB connection across Fastify.
fastify-mongodbFastify MongoDB connection plugin, with which you can share the same MongoDB connection pool across every part of your server.
fastify-multipartMultipart support for Fastify.
fastify-oauth2Wrap around simple-oauth2.
fastify-postgresFastify PostgreSQL connection plugin, with this you can share the same PostgreSQL connection pool in every part of your server.
fastify-rate-limitA low overhead rate limiter for your routes.
fastify-request-contextRequest-scoped storage, based on AsyncLocalStorage (with fallback to cls-hooked), providing functionality similar to thread-local storages.
fastify-response-validationA simple plugin that enables response validation for Fastify.
fastify-nextjsReact server side rendering support for Fastify with Next.
fastify-redisFastify Redis connection plugin, with which you can share the same Redis connection across every part of your server.
fastify-reply-fromPlugin to forward the current http request to another server.
fastify-routesPlugin that provides a Map of routes.
fastify-sensibleDefaults for Fastify that everyone can agree on. It adds some useful decorators such as http errors and assertions, but also more request and reply methods.
fastify-staticPlugin for serving static files as fast as possible.
fastify-swaggerSwagger documentation generator for Fastify.
fastify-websocketWebSocket support for Fastify. Built upon websocket-stream.
fastify-url-dataDecorate the Request object with a method to access raw URL components.
point-of-viewTemplates rendering (ejs, pug, handlebars, marko) plugin support for Fastify.
under-pressureMeasure process load with automatic handling of "Service Unavailable" plugin for Fastify.

Community Plugins

apollo-server-fastifyRun an Apollo Server to serve GraphQL with Fastify.
areciboFastify ping responder for Kubernetes Liveness and Readiness Probes.
cls-rtracerFastify middleware for CLS-based request id generation. An out-of-the-box solution for adding request ids into your logs.
fastify-405Fastify plugin that adds 405 HTTP status to your routes
fastify-amqpFastify AMQP connection plugin, to use with RabbitMQ or another connector. Just a wrapper to amqplib.
fastify-angular-universalAngular server-side rendering support using @angular/platform-server for Fastify
fastify-auth0-verify: Auth0 verification plugin for Fastify, internally uses fastify-jwt and jsonwebtoken.
fastify-autocrudPlugin for autogenerate CRUD routes as fast as possible.
fastify-axiosPlugin to send HTTP requests via axios.
fastify-babelFastify plugin for development servers which require babel transformations of JavaScript sources.
fastify-blippPrints your routes to the console, so you definitely know which endpoints are available.
fastify-bookshelfFastify plugin to add bookshelf.js orm support.
fastify-boomFastify plugin to add boom support.
fastify-caslFastify CASL plugin that supports ACL-like protection of endpoints via either a preSerialization & preHandler hook, sanitizing the inputs and outputs of your application based on user rights.
fastify-cloudeventsFastify plugin to generate and forward Fastify events in the Cloudevents format.
fastify-cockroachdbFastify plugin to connect to a CockroachDB PostgreSQL instance via the Sequelize ORM.
fastify-couchdbFastify plugin to add CouchDB support via nano.
fastify-csrfA csrf plugin for Fastify.
fastify-decoratorsFastify plugin that provides the set of TypeScript decorators.
fastify-dynamodbAWS DynamoDB plugin for Fastify. It exposes AWS.DynamoDB.DocumentClient() object.
fastify-error-pageFastify plugin to print errors in structured HTML to the browser.
fastify-errors-propertiesA error handling plugin for Fastify that enables additional properties in errors.
fastify-explorerGet control of your decorators across all the encapsulated contexts
fastify-essoThe easiest authentication plugin for Fastify, with built-in support for Single sign-on (and great documentation)
fastify-faviconFastify plugin to serve default favicon.
fastify-feature-flagsFastify feature flags plugin with multiple providers support (e.g. env, config, unleash).
fastify-file-uploadFastify plugin for uploading files.
fastify-firebaseFastify plugin for Firebase Admin SDK to Fastify so you can easy use Firebase Auth, Firestore, Cloud Storage, Cloud Messaging, and more.
fastify-firebase-authFirebase Authentication for Fastify supporting all of the methods relating to the authentication API.
fastify-gcloud-traceGoogle Cloud Trace API Connector for Fastify.
fastify-google-cloud-storageFastify plugin that exposes a GCP Cloud Storage client instance.
fastify-gqlA GraphQL server implementation for Fastify with caching and graphql-jit.
fastify-graceful-shutdownShutdown Fastify gracefully and asynchronously.
fastify-healthcheckFastify plugin to serve an health check route and a probe script.
fastify-hemeraFastify Hemera plugin, for writing reliable & fault-tolerant microservices with
fastify-http2httpsRedirect HTTP requests to HTTPS, both using the same port number, or different response on HTTP and HTTPS.
fastify-http-contextFastify plugin for "simulating" a thread of execution to allow for true http context to take place per api call within the fastify lifecycle of calls.
fastify-https-redirectFastify plugin for auto redirect from http to https
fastify-http-clientPlugin to send HTTP(s) requests. Built upon urllib.
fastify-influxdbFastify InfluxDB plugin connecting to an InfluxDB instance via the Influx default package.
fastify-jwt-authzJWT user scope verifier.
fastify-jwt-webappJWT authentication for fastify-based web apps.
fastify-knexjsFastify plugin for support KnexJS Query Builder.
fastify-knexjs-mockFastify Mock KnexJS for testing support.
fastify-kubernetesFastify Kubernetes client plugin.
fastify-language-parserFastify plugin to parse request language.
fastify-loaderLoad routes from a directory and inject the fastify instance in each file.
fastify-luredPlugin to load lua scripts with fastify-redis and lured.
fastify-markdownPlugin to markdown support.
fastify-method-overridePlugin for Fastify, which allows use HTTP verbs, such as DELETE, PATCH, HEAD, PUT, OPTIONS in case the client doesn't support them.
fastify-metricsPlugin for exporting Prometheus metrics.
fastify-mongo-memoryFastify MongoDB in Memory Plugin for testing support.
fastify-mongoose-apiFastify plugin to create REST API methods based on Mongoose MongoDB models.
fastify-mongoose-driverFastify Mongoose plugin that connects to a MongoDB via the Mongoose plugin with support for Models.
fastify-multerMulter is a plugin for handling multipart/form-data, which is primarily used for uploading files.
fastify-natsPlugin to share NATS client across Fastify.
fastify-no-additional-propertiesAdd additionalProperties: false by default to your JSON Schemas.
fastify-no-iconPlugin to eliminate thrown errors for /favicon.ico requests.
fastify-nodemailerPlugin to share nodemailer transporter across Fastify.
fastify-normalize-request-replyPlugin to normalize the request and reply to the Express version 4.x request and response, which allows use of middleware, like swagger-stats, that was originally written for Express.
fastify-nowStructure your endpoints in a folder and load them dynamically with fastify
fastify-oasGenerates OpenAPI 3.0+ documentation from routes schemas for Fastify.
fastify-objectionjsPlugin for the fastify framework that provides integration with objectionjs ORM.
fastify-objectionjs-classesPlugin to cherry pick classes from objectionjs ORM.
fastify-openapi-glueGlue for Open Api specifications in Fastify, autogenerates routes based on an Open Api Specification
fastify-oracleAttaches an oracledb connection pool to a Fastify server instance.
fastify-orientdbFastify OrientDB connection plugin, with which you can share the OrientDB connection across every part of your server.
fastify-piscinaA worker thread pool plugin using Piscina.
fastify-peekabooFastify plugin for memoize responses by expressive settings.
fastify-prettierA fastify plugin that uses prettier under the hood to beautify outgoing responses and/or other things in the fastify server.
fastify-qrcodeThis plugin utilizes qrcode to generate QR Code.
fastify-qsA plugin for Fastify that adds support for parsing URL query parameters with qs.
fastify-raw-bodyAdd the request.rawBody field.
fastify-rbacFastify role-based access control plugin.
fastify-register-routesPlugin to automatically load routes from a specified path and optionally limit loaded file names by a regular expression.
fastify-response-timeAdd X-Response-Time header at each request for Fastify, in milliseconds.
fastify-reverse-routesFastify reverse routes plugin, allows to defined named routes and build path using name and parameters.
fastify-rob-configFastify Rob-Config integration.
fastify-schema-constraintChoose the JSON schema to use based on request parameters.
fastify-secure-sessionCreate a secure stateless cookie session for Fastify
fastify-sentryFastify plugin to add the Sentry SDK error handler to requests.
fastify-sequelizeFastify plugin work with Sequelize (adapter for NodeJS -> Sqlite, Mysql, Mssql, Postgres).
fastify-server-sessionA session plugin with support for arbitrary backing caches via fastify-caching.
fastify-sessiona session plugin for Fastify.
fastify-soap-clienta SOAP client plugin for Fastify.
fastify-sseto provide Server-Sent Events with reply.sse( … ) to Fastify.
fastify-sse-v2to provide Server-Sent Events using Async Iterators (supports newer versions of Fastify).
fastify-tls-keygenAutomatically generate a browser-compatible, trusted, self-signed, localhost-only, TLS certificate.
fastify-tokenizeTokenize plugin for Fastify that removes the pain of managing authentication tokens, with built-in integration for fastify-auth.
fastify-twitch-ebs-toolsUseful functions for Twitch Extension Backend Services (EBS).
fastify-typeorm-pluginFastify plugin to work with TypeORM.
fastify-vhostProxy subdomain http requests to another server (useful if you want to point multiple subdomains to the same IP address, while running different servers on the same machine).
fastify-xml-body-parserParse XML payload / request body into JS / JSON object.
fastify-vue-pluginNuxt.js plugin for fastify. Control the routes nuxt should use.
fastify-wamp-routerWeb Application Messaging Protocol router for fastify.
fast-waterA fastify plugin for waterline. Decorates fastify with waterline models.
fastify-webpack-hmrWebpack hot module reloading plugin for Fastify.
fastify-wsWebSocket integration for Fastify — with support for WebSocket lifecycle hooks instead of a single handler function. Built upon ws and uws.
i18next-http-middlewareAn i18next based i18n (internationalization) middleware to be used with Node.js web frameworks like express or Fastify and also for Deno.
k-fastify-gatewayAPI Gateway plugin for fastify, a low footprint implementation that uses the fastify-reply-from HTTP proxy library.
openapi-validator-middlewareSwagger and OpenAPI 3.0 spec-based request validation middleware that supports fastify.

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